Privacy Notice

The personal details that I hold on file of my clients consist of contact information, name & address on Job Quotes & Invoices which are held for the suffient period as indicted by law for tax records on computer and paper copy.

I do not at this present time have mailing lists for email promotions or newsletters for people to sign up to. If at some point in the future I do start to have mailing lists you will be asked if you wish to join before being added and will have the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time. 

I do not collect, process or use any personal data from people viewing my website or any other advertising site.

I do not pass on any personal data of clients to any third parties.

The only other type of mailing list I am a party to would be registrations from other organisations such as wedding fair organisers or online listings that I advertise through such as UK Bride, Bridebook, The Wedding Secret etc as this is part of what I am paying them for. I may send one or two email circulars from these lists and then delete the list after a reasonable time.